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Hola, my name is Isabelle but you can call me Bella. I will be your main host. For those of you who are new here, I’m an adventurer, dreamer, and passionate surfer originally from Belgium, and have been living in Popoyo, Nicaragua for the past 10 years.

I love spending time in nature, practicing yoga, traveling, and all things girls’ and women’s empowerment which is why I created Sirena Social Club. Throughout my travels I’ve met truly incredible people to partner with in creating unique experiences.



My mission is to empower women through unique experiences in nature, connecting them with the ocean, the power of yoga, and self love. We create an inclusive experience, culture, and community where women support each other.


Sirena Social Club intends to create an international network of compassionate and inspiring women while supporting the empowerment and education of young Nicaraguan surfer girls.



Here is what past adventurers have to say about their experience with Sirena Social Club:


The retreat I spent with Sirena Social Club was so enriching. Bella made sure I felt nourished and cared for while also encouraged to push myself past my comfort zone. Actually life changing! I can't wait until I can attend another.

Monique, Canada


Tyler, USA

On retreat with Bella, I felt totally supported. Her aesthetic and attention to detail are immaculate, which makes her excellent at providing constructive criticism. She cultivated an experience of ease that allowed me to let go, be present and learn.

Diana, Nicaragua

Boy was I in for a threat/treat. I met a group of amazing girls. Surf was so much fun. Yoga classes were perfect. There were even some fun surprises. She took time to film us and give us great feedback on what to do better. Surf skating and workshops directed to women.  100/10 recommend embarking on this amazing adventure and experience. It will definitely nurture your soul

Jodie, UK

This was the exact break I needed. I was able to relax and focus on mending myself while learning a new fabulous hobby. I am completely hooked on improving my surfing abilities now.
The location was perfect, the fellow surfers, the staff and food were all incredible, each one helping  build upon
 another. It was very empowering.

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